Updates the preferences of the specified user.


Visual Basic (declaration)
Public Function UpdateUserPreferences( _ 
ByVal AuthenticationTicket as String, _ ByVal UserName as String, _ ByVal xmlPreferences as String) as XmlNode

C# (declaration)
public XmlNode UpdateUserPreferences( 
string AuthenticationTicket, string UserName, string xmlPreferences)


    string inforouter ticket
    string The Username of the to be updated.
    string Xml fragment that sets new preferences. See the remarks section for the details.

Return Value

returns xml fragment.
<response success="true" error="">
if success attribute is "true", the user preferences has been updated successfully.
if success attribute is "false", the error attribute indicates the encountered error.


The caller must be the system administrator or a domain manager of the domain in which the user is a local member or the user.

The xmlpreference string must be structured below.

<DefaultPortal />

EmailType value might be HTML or TEXT
NotificationType value might be "NONE","INSTANT" or "DAILY REPORT"