Sets the rules of the specified folder.


Visual Basic (declaration)
Public Function SetFolderRules( _ 
ByVal AuthenticationTicket as String, _ ByVal Path as String, _ ByVal xmlRules as XmlNode, _ ByVal ApplyToTree as bool) as XmlNode

C# (declaration)
public XmlNode SetFolderRules( 
string AuthenticationTicket, string Path, XmlNode xmlRules, bool ApplyToTree)


    string infoRouter ticket
    string The Folder Path that specified rules to be applied
    XmlNode The xml structure of the rules.To Details of this parameter see the remarks section.
    bool To apply the specified rules to sub folders set this parameter to True

Return Value

returns xml fragment.
<response success="true" error="">
if success = "true", the Rules has been successfully applied.
if success = "false", the error attribute returns the error description.


The Rules XML fragment should be as described below.
The Rule item that is not specified it the xml structure will not be updated.
For the AllowableFileTypes set value attribute to comma delimeted file extensions or set value to "*" for allowing all file types.

<Rule Name="AllowableFileTypes" Value="BMP,DOC,JPG,XLS" />
<Rule Name="Checkins" Value="disallows" />
<Rule Name="Checkouts" Value="disallows" />
<Rule Name="DocumentDeletes" Value="disallows" />
<Rule Name="FolderDeletes" Value="disallows" />
<Rule Name="NewDocuments" Value="disallows" />
<Rule Name="NewFolders" Value="disallows" />
<Rule Name="ClassifiedDocuments" Value="allows" />