Gets the recycle bin content of the current user.


Visual Basic (declaration)
Public Function GetRecycleBinContent( _ 
ByVal AuthenticationTicket as String) as XmlNode

C# (declaration)
public XmlNode GetRecycleBinContent( 
string AuthenticationTicket)


    string infoRouter ticket

Return Value

returns xml fragment.
<response success="true" error="">
if success attribute is "true", the recycle bin content has been retrived successfully like the xml sample below.
if success attribute is "false", the error attribute indicates the encountered error.
Handler attribute will be used while restoring or purging recycle bin item.

<response success="true" error="">
  <folder Name="test" DateDeleted="2008-01-08 14:20:07" Handler="F10317" />
  <document Name="Invoice-34.pdf" DateDeleted="2008-01-08 15:06:53" Handler="D11868" />
  <document Name="Invoice-35.pdf" DateDeleted="2008-01-08 15:06:53" Handler="D11869" />
  <document Name="Invoice-36.pdf" DateDeleted="2008-01-08 15:06:53" Handler="D11870" />
  <document Name="2007 graphics.JPG" DateDeleted="2008-01-08 15:06:42" Handler="D11937" />