Adds a property set row to a document or a folder in the specified path.


Visual Basic (declaration)
Public Function AddPropertySetRow( _ 
ByVal AuthenticationTicket as String, _ ByVal Path as String, _ ByVal xmlpset as String) as XmlNode

C# (declaration)
public XmlNode AddPropertySetRow( 
string AuthenticationTicket, string Path, string xmlpset)


    string inforouter ticket
    string an infoRouter document or folder path
    string a XML fragment for property set and it's values. See the remarks section.

Return Value

returns xml fragment.
<response success="true" error="">
if success attribute is "true", the property set has been applied successfully.
if success attribute is "false", the error attribute indicates the encountered error.


The caller must have at least "Change" Permission on the document or Folder.

xmlPset must be organized as sample below:

<propertyset Name="LETTER">
<propertyrow LetterType="Business" Subject="Subject 1 - Lorem Dolor Sit amet.."/>
<propertyrow LetterType="Business" Subject="Subject 2 - Lorem Dolor Sit amet.."/>

minus gif Example

Visual Basic Example
    Public Sub AddPropertySetRow()
        Const IRAuthenticationTicket As String = "sid-XXXXXXXXXXXX"
	Const ServiceURL As String="http://docsrv/inforouter/srv.asmx"
        Const TargetIRPath As String = "/Human Resources/Letters/1234-1234-AB-Reference.PDF"
        Dim IR_OBJ As InfoRouter.srv
        Dim xml_response As System.Xml.XmlNode

            IR_OBJ = New InfoRouter.srv
            IR_OBJ.Url = ServiceURL

            Dim xmlPset As String = "<Propertysets>" + _
                                    "<propertyset Name=""LETTER"">" + _
                                    "<propertyrow LetterType=""Reference"" FromWhom=""Joe Doe"" Subject=""Subject 1 - Lorem Dolor Sit amet.."" />" + _
                                    "<propertyrow LetterType=""Business"" FromWhom=""Marry Smith"" Subject=""Subject 2 - Lorem Dolor Sit amet.."" />" + _
                                    "</propertyset>" + _

            xml_response = IR_OBJ.AddPropertySetRow(AuthenticationTicket, TargetIRPath, xmlPset)
            'check response xml if any error occured.
            If xml_response.Attributes("success").Value = "true" Then
                Console.WriteLine("Propertyset has been added")
                Console.WriteLine("server response:" + xml_response.Attributes("error").Value)
            End If
            xml_response = Nothing

        Catch ex As Exception
  		Console.WriteLine("error:" & ex.Message)
            xml_response = Nothing
            IR_OBJ = Nothing
        End Try
    End Sub