Returns the catalog information for the specified folder.


Visual Basic (declaration)
Public Function GetFolderCatalog( _ 
ByVal AuthenticationTicket as String, _ ByVal folderPath as bool) as XmlNode

C# (declaration)
public XmlNode GetFolderCatalog( 
string AuthenticationTicket, bool folderPath)


    string infoRouter ticket
    bool An infoRouter folder path

Return Value

returns xml fragment.
<response success="true" error="">
if success attribute is "true", the folder properties has been retrived successfully like the xml sample below.
if success attribute is "false", the error attribute indicates the encountered error.

<response success="true" error="">
  <folder id="10124" name="Accounting">
    <folder id="10137" name="General Ledger">
      <document id="11937" name="2007 graphics.JPG" mdate="2007-12-27 13:43:29" Size="86304" chksum="4E4E8EA6" />
      <document id="11930" name="Annual operating budget 2007.xls" mdate="2007-08-08 07:53:42" Size="88576" chksum="970A094B" />
      <document id="11931" name="Asset Allocation Pie Chart 2006.xls" mdate="2008-01-02 09:42:10" Size="227328" chksum="94B4AB98" />
      <document id="11932" name="Asset Allocation Pie Chart 2007.xls" mdate="2007-08-08 07:49:33" Size="231936" chksum="EF6E8541" />
    <folder id="10286" name="Incoming Invoices">
      <document id="11868" name="Invoice-34.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:20" Size="7689" chksum="3B54BAA8" />
      <document id="11869" name="Invoice-35.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:21" Size="7636" chksum="37C7533A" />
      <document id="11870" name="Invoice-36.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:22" Size="7662" chksum="C47CE4E9" />
      <document id="11871" name="Invoice-37.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:22" Size="51761" chksum="4D14A669" />
      <document id="11872" name="Invoice-38.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:22" Size="7665" chksum="2C3D9A30" />
      <document id="11853" name="Invoice-39.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:16" Size="7660" chksum="9B04232D" />
      <document id="11854" name="Invoice-40.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:17" Size="7650" chksum="219378E2" />
      <document id="11855" name="Invoice-42.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:17" Size="8232" chksum="4208F8B6" />
      <document id="11856" name="Invoice-45.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:17" Size="7927" chksum="E215C947" />
      <document id="11857" name="Invoice-46.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:17" Size="7927" chksum="2E731A24" />
      <document id="11858" name="Invoice-47.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:18" Size="51740" chksum="2FE21B6E" />
      <document id="11859" name="Invoice-48.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:18" Size="7958" chksum="C8E32C9B" />
      <document id="11860" name="Invoice-51.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:18" Size="8211" chksum="7DCA568F" />
      <document id="11861" name="Invoice-55.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:19" Size="7631" chksum="6221BC06" />
      <document id="11862" name="Invoice-56.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:19" Size="51748" chksum="9AF5A98A" />
      <document id="11863" name="Invoice-58.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:19" Size="7930" chksum="A786295D" />
      <document id="11864" name="Invoice-60.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:19" Size="7689" chksum="CE101C67" />
      <document id="11865" name="Invoice-63.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:20" Size="7896" chksum="8574F6CD" />
      <document id="11866" name="Invoice-67.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:20" Size="7646" chksum="4D21CDEB" />
      <document id="11867" name="Invoice-76.pdf" mdate="2007-08-03 12:26:20" Size="7663" chksum="2AA2CBA9" />
    <folder id="10138" name="Payables">
      <document id="11934" name="Invoice Review and Payment Cycle.ppt" mdate="2007-08-08 07:51:32" Size="276480" chksum="BB3C14ED" />
    <folder id="10139" name="Receivables" />


The caller must have at least "List" right on the folders.
This method might takes long time depending on the folder count and the document count under the specified path.