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Software release date

16 July 2020


  • When a workflow is stopped, a notification email is sent to the submitter, active task owners and workflow supervisors
  • Automatic custom property inheritance is now optional via web.config setting. The setting name is 'InheritCustomPropertiesAutomatically'. This setting can be set to TRUE or FALSE. The default value is TRUE for backward compatibility.
  • Task related email notifications now contain a link to navigate to the tasks screen.
  • Improved error handling and performance while editing document properties
  • UpdateDocumentPropeties2 web service has been added. This method accepts importance as an additional parameter.
  • Better default search screen for new installations.

Bug fixes

  • Custom property lookup returns all lookup field operators even if the values are empty.
  • Applied retention and disposition link which navigates to the definition of the R&D is not working.
  • Double clicking the search button may cause an error.
  • Double clicking the NEXT or PREVIOUS buttons may cause an error.
  • Attachment requirements with multiple allowable extension not functioning.
  • While adding a new workflow with supervisors, an error may occur. (primary key exception
  • Changing a document or a folder owner may cause an error if the document or folder is deleted by another user.
  • Adding a deleted document to the download queue may cause an error if the item has been deleted by another.
  • An error occurs when removing a user from a user group that has more than 2100 members and the database server is MS SQL Server
  • Send to screen throws an error if spaces are used between email addresses
  • Email attachments not being attached.