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Software release date

26 Jan 2018


  • The NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES parameter must be removed from the my.ini file in infoRouter instances that use a MySQL database. Please follow instructions outlined in this article: KB article 142


  • Ability to sort search results from all columns including custom property fields
  • Optimized search algorithm.
  • Search pages and categories can now be assigned to specific user groups, users or public.
  • A customizable default search page called 'search' has been added. Advanced search is no longer the default search screen.
  • dtSearch engine support for content indexing is now being offered as the advance search engine option
  • Improved application security.
  • Faster and secure data access.
  • Sessions are now implemented in the database for improved performance and security.
  • Form based authentication support has been added to application for better user experience.
  • Web services now check cookie for the authentication ticket if the parameter value is missing.
  • Improved requirement check during application setup
  • New web service method - AddISOComment
  • New web service method - AddSOXComment
  • New web service method - ChangeUserType
  • New web service method - ForgotPassword
  • New web service method - GetAllUsers2
  • New web service method - GetClassificationLogs
  • New web service method - GetISOLogs
  • New web service method - GetSoxLogs
  • New web service method - RemoveDocumentCutoffDate
  • New web service method - RemoveFolderCutoffDate
  • New web service method - SetClassificationLevel
  • New web service method - SetDocumentCutoffDate
  • New web service method - SetFolderCutoffDate
  • Top Search box has been enhanced to search on variety of parameters such as file names instead of content-only searches.
  • Font Awesome has been implemented to improve the look and feel in infoRouter menus.
  • Automatically move user recycle bin entries into the system recycle bin after a specified number of months. A new application setting.
  • DB performance improvements. New database indexes have been created.
  • Tasks are now handled in business days instead of calendar days. Ability to record holidays and vacations.
  • User Groups now displayed in collapsed mode to improve UI and performance.
  • Show URLs enhanced to show WebDAV URLs.
  • Ability to set limits on Zip downloads. Can be removed or limited to a certain size.
  • Better exception handling.
  • Workflow Supervisor functionality added.
  • Total warehouse size is now being displayed in the warehouse status screen.
  • Task due dates can be edited and changed. Previously task dates could only be postponed.
  • Classification downgrades and de-classifications can now be automatically be performed by the system. Previously this could only be done through a task assignment.
  • Automatic logouts upon session timeouts (infoRouter authentication only)
  • Error logs are now automatically purged based on system setting.


  • Server side Import / export tool has been removed due to security risks.
  • infoRouter now only supports 64 bit platforms.
  • Check out and download option has been removed for consistency.
  • Search and Category administrators have been moved under System Global User groups.

Bug fixes

  • Form templates cannot access the default fonts and CSS files if the application installed to a virtual directory.
  • A user's last logon date was not being recorded correctly. This has been corrected.
  • Windows authentication using web service fails. This has been corrected.
  • Front-end visibility and java-script problems has been fixed.
  • IRMaintenance ignored heartbeat setting and ran too often. This has been corrected.