infoRouter updates are regularly released throughout the year. If you wish to install the latest version of infoRouter, please run the infoRouter Live Update program. More information on infoRouter Live Update, can be found here.

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Software release date

20 Sep 2011


  • The Index Server catalog can now be managed on a remote machine.
  • Reminder dates and the number of days for reminders are now validated against the task deadline.
  • Web services now include the 'Send Email' parameter.
  • Updated to Help
  • Versions created when using the 'Edit' feature are automatically truncated when the document is closed.


  • Users who submit documents to workflow can now stop or remove them. This is now the default library policy value.
  • The LDAP Authentication Service now has to be manually installed. The setup program is no longer supported.
  • Task assignments and workflow submissions for shortcuts are no longer allowed. Existing assignments will be removed during Live Update.
  • The default value of 'Change right' assigned to task removal policy has been removed.
  • Audit managers and policy managers can no longer use the 'flush cache' feature.
  • Document retention and folders that disallow deletes rule in folders no longer prevent the deletion of versions.
  • The folder compact policy has been renamed as 'Compact Versions'. This now applies to documents instead of just folders.

Bug fixes

  • Various issues related to the compact feature have been resolved and new enhancements have been introduced.
  • The compact feature can now be launched from the document properties window.
  • The compact feature can now be applied to multiple selected documents and folders.
  • Certain library policies included the 'Add right' as an option. Some of these have been removed.
  • MYSQL 5.5 or greater versions caused an error when creating custom properties. This issue has been resolved.
  • The ability to delete 'Add-hoc' tasks have been streamlined. This is now a library policy.
  • Error log for 'Retention Date' removals at the folder level have been improved.
  • Error log for 'Completion status' removals at the folder level have been improved.
  • Setting the 'Completion status' may cause errors at the database level. This has been corrected.