infoRouter updates are regularly released throughout the year. If you wish to install the latest version of infoRouter, please run the infoRouter Live Update program. More information on infoRouter Live Update, can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the infoRouter Support Team at

Before you run infoRouter Live Update, please make sure to follow the Live Update documentation. A proper backup is strongly advised before running Live Update. Click here to download the infoRouter Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Guide.

Software release date

05 March 2024

Bug fixes

  • infoRouter Email scanner raises an invalid date error in some cases.
  • infoRouter Office-Addin outlook raises an invalid date error.
  • infoRouter Office-Addin screens cannot be adjusted for bigger fonts.
  • Disk information cannot be displayed on the warehouse status page.
  • In some cases, infoRouter displays an error message while users try to edit an office document via WebDAV, if the document path is too long.
  • Users cannot rename documents via Windows Explorer using WebDAV protocol.
  • In the document properties page, the document URLs do not include the server name part.
  • The Document comments are not in date order.
  • The document links are corrupted in the email body, if the "Sent to" feature is being configured by 'use the user's email address' option.
  • GetUserGroup API returns always false, even if it returns the value.
  • Corrupted INF files can block maintenance jobs from running when INF upgrade or optimization tasks are in progress in the background.