infoRouter updates are regularly released throughout the year. If you wish to install the latest version of infoRouter, please run the infoRouter Live Update program. More information on infoRouter Live Update, can be found here.

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Before you run infoRouter Live Update, please make sure to follow the Live Update documentation. A proper backup is strongly advised before running Live Update. Click here to download the infoRouter Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Guide.

Software release date

1 September 2022


  • The users other than search administrators can create and manage personal custom search pages or categories for themselves.
  • A new Exception logging structure has been introduced. Logs now include more descriptive error messages and information to identify the source of anomalies.
  • Exception logs can now be viewed from within the infoRouter Control Panel.
  • infoRouter exception logs are now in XML format.
  • Send Diagnostics and Statistics option has been added to the control panel to improve troubleshooting and support.
  • New APIs introduced: RemoveUsergroupFromFolderSubscribers, RemoveUsergroupFromDocumentSubscribers, ActivateFlowDef, DeactivateFlowDef, RemoveCurrentWorkflow, StopCurrentWorkflow, TestTaskCompletion
  • Breadcrumming has been added to most screens for better navigation. "Back" links have been removed.
  • infoRouter screens have been standardized for consistency.
  • Icons and images have been replaced with fonts for performance and consistency.
  • Front-end style enhancements.
  • infoRouter UI uploads and downloads now use asynchronous threading patterns for better CPU utilization and optimization.


  • Form buttons are now displayed under the form if the form is small enough to fit the screen without a vertical scrollbar.
  • infoRouter IIS application no longer uses the classic application pool. It must be in integrated mode.
  • The "send to" functionality has been restricted to prevent accidental sending of large zip attachments. If the total document count in the email exceeds zip download settings, it switches to "send links." If the total document size in the email exceeds the attachment size limit, it switches to "send links."
  • Step and Task definition changes can no longer be performed without deactivating the workflow.
  • The main menu has been re-arranged and simplified. Most of the advanced functionality has been moved to a new "Advanced" menu to reduce clutter in commonly used menus.

Bug fixes

  • User groups no longer reveal their members via web services if the group is not marked public.
  • The document view log displays inaccurate results if the HISTORY_READ table does not have related records. The issue only happens on infoRouter instances that were upgraded from version 7.2 of infoRouter.
  • Select columns screen "Document Id" cannot be moved around, and it appears stuck at position one.
  • Security Auditlog query screen from control panel ignores the start date criteria.