infoRouter updates are regularly released throughout the year. If you wish to install the latest version of infoRouter, please run the infoRouter Live Update program. More information on infoRouter Live Update, can be found here.

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Software release date

28 May 2021


  • Maintenance service performance has been improved.
  • Set Tag window has been re-implemented to use web service calls.
  • Better database creation error handling when using MS SQL Server.
  • The minimum year in date control is now configurable from general settings section in the infoRouter control panel.
  • New Web API methods have been added to support front-end features (GetAllUsersWithoutDetails, GetCoWorkers1, GetDocumentAbstract1, GetDomainMembers1, GetDomainMembershipsOfUser, GetDomainUsers1, GetLocalizedResources, GetMimeTypes, GetUserGroupMembers1, RerouteUserTaskRedirection, VerifyVersionHash, SetTagToDocument, RemoveTagFromDocument)
  • Better user experience while checking out documents from the task screen.
  • Better error handling on backend functions.
  • Users can now reroute tasks that have been redirected to them. This is contingent upon an application setting that allows or disallows this action.
  • If a user has too many subscriptions, the control panel/user properties/subscriptions screen shows only the first 1000 items.
  • Workflow attachment requirement now allows an attachment without forcing an extension.
  • Improved User, User-group, document format, color selection dialogs.
  • Filtering documents now shows progress.


  • Popup menu is now sorted alphabetically (except most common items are listed above).
  • Unselected columns names are sorted in the select column lists.
  • When an administrator resets a user’s password, the user will be forced to create a new password.
  • In portal/task gadget attempts to load all due tasks. It now loads the first 50 tasks instead.
  • Browser based alert boxes are changed to java-script popups in various screens.
  • In workflow reporting screens sort indication has been added to the columns.
  • Library creation no longer offers a wizard.
  • Better performance and handling for remote search results. Requires new version of dtSearch web service.
  • infoRouter now requires the .Net 4.8 framework
  • infoRouter front-end does not the use popup screens anymore. All previous popup screens now appear in their own window.
  • Search API used to ignore un-matched custom property fields. Now an error is returned.
  • If a portal is not available, the default portal is displayed instead.

Bug fixes

  • Security log from control panel cannot display the logs due to too many items returned. This log has been modified to include filters to narrow down the queries. The log returns a warning if the results returned exceed 10K.
  • Users with change rights can edit a document in a workflow even if edit has not been required.
  • Installing sample form templates fails due to extension.
  • If a drag drop upload fails, the correct error message cannot be displayed.
  • Text may display incorrectly if the encoding is not UTF-8. Text files with BOM mark are displayed but others are forced to download.
  • Workflow attachment requirement with multiple extensions does not function.
  • While removing a user from a library or a user group, MySQL returns an error.
  • Email sizes were displayed as 0 bytes. Email size is now computed as total attachment size + body text + all email contents mimes + subject + header info etc.)
  • Task due date calculation using business days fails.
  • If content indexing configured in ‘web.config’ to off, the control panel general setting section displays it as if it is configured to be on.
  • infoRouter setup problems on Oracle databases has been fixed.
  • Listing the documents fails on instances that are using oracle databases.
  • InfoRouter tries to associate all copied documents with each other that causes cartesian relations and possible performance problems. Now, it associates only the first level copies.
  • Multiline messages are now displayed for errors encountered in logs.
  • Filtering by document format does not save criteria.
  • Compact function does not honor the keep version count parameters.
  • Maintenance Service does not execute the disposition tasks for the folders