infoRouter updates are regularly released throughout the year. If you wish to install the latest version of infoRouter, please run the infoRouter Live Update program. More information on infoRouter Live Update, can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the infoRouter Support Team at

Before you run infoRouter Live Update, please make sure to follow the Live Update documentation. A proper backup is strongly advised before running Live Update. Click here to download the infoRouter Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Guide.

Software release date

28 APRIL 2020


  • infoRouter user passwords are now stored using irreversible hash algorithms
  • Forgot Password requests result in password reset links.
  • Improved Email Templates.
  • Minor cosmetic changes to screens.
  • Clear operators and values buttons have been added to the custom property section of the search screen.


  • Setup program no longer includes a demo database.
  • Setup program no longer includes an embedded MySQL engine.
  • Live update and Setup programs can no longer run offline.
  • Search timeout for Windows Search has been increased to accommodate for long running search queries

Bug fixes

  • Add & Read permissions are not applied to folders
  • Scan station software in 8.6.240 release repeatedly prompts for update.
  • Content search queries which include the 'near' parameter are not honored when using the dtSearch engine. The ‘near’ parameter is now being treated as ‘AND’
  • Downloading add-in documentation fails
  • Long abstracts do not wrap in the search result page and causes horizontal scroll to appear.
  • Selected lookup values does not update the related custom property prompts in editing screen if the prompt value is empty.
  • Office Add-In for Outlook may return a critical error depending on the message selection.