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Software release date

2 Jan 2020


  • A Please wait sign is now being displayed while sorting document lists by clicking on the column header.
  • Property set conditions can now be cleared by clicking a link on the search screen.
  • Web pages are now rendered by http handlers for better performance.
  • On end event URL has been added to the Workflow definition to allow launching a user exit.
  • Hide flag has been added to the workflow definition to hide workflow from the user interface.


  • Document lists now display the full folder path.
  • PDF documents are now classified differently and are no longer classified as Office Document.
  • Searching by Folder description column is now matching partially by default.
  • Notification emails dates are displayed in ISO format with microsecond precision. Changed to normal date format.

Bug fixes

  • Better task distribution when picking task owner among multiple users
  • Email attachments cannot be downloaded if the attachment name contains single quote character
  • Search cannot find the custom property Boolean fields if the value is YES
  • LDAP authentication service has missing libraries
  • While using dtSearch service, content search request returns incompatible library error (Newtonsoft.Json). If the web.config has already been adjusted for compatibility it need to be removed
  • Recent document list is now sorted by the last view date in descending order.
  • User passwords containing a plus symbol caused log in issues.
  • Office Add-in and Scan Station modules file upload times are unusually slow.
  • Web services does not accept empty authentication ticket without a session cookie.
  • Workflow approved or rejected notification cannot be sent if the notified user requested the documents as attachments.
  • Users are not redirected to their default portal when in Windows authentication mode.
  • Custom property caption is now being displayed instead of the custom property database name.