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Software release date

03 Feb 2014


  • Users can add comments while completing their tasks
  • Setup supports Windows Search , windows 2012 and windows 8.X
  • Create task button has been added to the workflow and task screen of the document


  • Shorter Edit menu for visually impaired users who use a higher than normal zoom. 3 menu items have been moved under the Tools menu.

Bug fixes

  • Performance issues during library deletion
  • Version list returns back to an invalid page.
  • Pop-up menus on documents and task screen displays out of screen.
  • Retention & Disposition Freeze flag of a folder cannot be displayed if the disposition date is in the future.
  • Maximum display folder parameter does not work.
  • Some of the log screens returns back to invalid pages.
  • Editing a document via WEBDAV on IE 11 tries to open JAVA applet instead of activex.
  • While editing a document via WEBDAV, maximum URL length calculation is incorrect for excel type documents.
  • While editing a document via WEBDAV displays a JAVA warning page.
  • Logging WEBDAV requests has been stopped.
  • Formatting issues in Email Templates have been resolved
  • Downloading documents with space characters in their names are replaced with underscore