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Software release date

15 Jun 2012


  • Enhanced warning messages during "transfer ownership" operations.


  • 'Create task' function will no longer update the 'Next ISO Date'.

Bug fixes

  • Incomplete lookup field of a property set does not return an error message. - ADD-IN
  • Deleted custom property sets may cause an error while users are navigating folders.
  • Import Zip function ignores the 'check-out', 'check-in' flags. So It does not import new versions of the documents and returns 'This document already exists.' warning.
  • Misleading error message displayed while setting 'R&D freeze' flag to folders that have no R&D schedule.
  • 'No criteria specified' warning message displayed when saved search page includes hidden fields with criteria.
  • Folder ownership change "user password confirmation" fails if the password is entered incorrectly.
  • Checked out document do not appear in red due to a bug in 8.2.000.
  • Printer friendly view of the main document list cannot display the columns correctly.
  • 'Custom property has been deleted' warning message appears to users who have chosen to display the deleted set.
  • Retain Until date incorrectly displayed as 2500-1-1 in various screens. This has been replaced with "forever".
  • Number type custom property set data may not be displayed correclty since version 8.2 - MYSQL only