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Software release date

12 Jul 2011


  • Parallel tasks are now allowed at the first step of a workflow.
  • New web service methods have been added. 'RenewTicket', 'GetFoldersAndDocuments2', 'GetFolderStatistics'
  • Import Export Tool - Release level has been added to program screens.
  • Import Export Tool - Statistics displayed for large amounts of date.
  • Import Export Tool - Performance improvements.
  • Import Export Tool - Path lengths exceeding 240 characters are skipped and logged.
  • Office Add in temp file handling after document has been closed has been improved.


  • Requirements to complete a task have been indicated as links in the task completion window.
  • Library creation screens and wizard has been streamlined. The "Finish" button has been removed to enforce complete data entry.
  • A "List" right is now automatically granted to the "Library members" group at the point of library creation.
  • Default Pop-up window sizes have been changed to 924 X 580 to accomodate nettop computers.
  • Send to screen has been changed to use the "send attachments as links" defaut option.
  • Web service method for document properties have been enhanced to include additional information (ApprovalStatus, ClassificationLevel,DeclassifyOn,DomainId,DowngradeOn,FolderId,Foldername,IsShortcut,LastISOReviewDate,NextISOReviewDate,OwnerId,RegisterById,TemplateID,VersionCount).
  • Web service method for version properties have been enhanced to include additional information (ApprovalStatus,ApprovalDate).
  • Help screens have been updated to include latest improvements and changes.
  • MaxRequestLength parameter has been changed to 2GB. The application settings screen now controls the maximum document size. Default unit of measure is nor in MB.
  • Updated help screens
  • Log screens have been messages have been abbreviated
  • Help topic screens have been resized to 591 X 540 pixels.
  • Portal - Document content gadget check out link problem resolved.
  • Send to screen cosmetic changes resolved. Error message format improved.
  • Workflow screen to choose start-up users have been resized to ensure that the "ok" and "cancel" buttons appear even on small screens.
  • Edit link has been added to the task display screen. Works on in IE 32bit browser.
  • Various Office Add in screens now reflect the release level.
  • Various Office Add language resources have been changed.
  • Office Add in error messages have been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Thumbnail issues related to published and unpublished documents have been resolved. Thumbnails are re-generated when the published version changes.
  • User managers can not enable or disable users
  • Task redirection start date and end date cannot be in the past.
  • Incorrect error message during document uploads has been corrected.
  • Task completion comments can now be saved even if the task has not yet been completed.
  • Controls to check for task requirements have been streamlined ans task requirements priorities have been changed.
  • Encodings for Propery set options have been corrected. Issues related to deletes and updates have been resolved.