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Software release date

28 Feb 2011


  • Workflow definition count has been added to the warning and statistics windows while deleting a library.
  • New web services API methods have been implemented. (CreateFlowDef, AddFlowStepDef, AddFlowTaskDef, GetFLowDef)
  • New Library policy to to contol access to document versions


  • Massive changes have been made in relatio to web service methods involving sending clients an xml node for versions. The 'publisher' attribute name has been replaced with 'VersionAuthor' attribute name with the same value. Programs developed using this attribute has to be mofified accordingly.
  • The 'details" window has been removed while displaying document view log.
  • Publishing requirements of shortcuts has been removed.
  • While recycling a folder, related workflow defitions are not being deleted. Instead, the defition is attached to the library node.
  • Unpublished document can no longer be accessed by ordinary users. Document owners, authors of at least one version of a document, an active task owner or library managers can access unpublished documents.

Bug fixes

  • Enhanced error reporting on possible conflicts during the creation of a library using a model library.
  • Corrected a potential SQL error when a folder is purged and a 'workflow definition' is associated with the folder being purged.
  • Issues with the 'Daily notification report' column headers have been fixed.
  • Potential issues with 'ISO' and 'Disposition' schedules while trying to create tasks in the past have been fixed
  • Cosmetic problems have been fixed that only occur in certain screens when using Internet Explorer
  • Better error handling for potential portal system issues.
  • Passwords with spaces in the first and last characters fail when the re-authenticate feature is invoked