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Software release date

20 Oct 2009


  • Edit menu implemented for MS Office documents. This function automatically checks out Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. Any changes are saved back to infoRouter as a version. (32 bit IE only)

Bug fixes

  • Updating a propertyset from the folder level (including subfolders) apply meta data to documents even if custom property set does not apply to documents.
  • Clicking the 'Open web folder' link brings up the pop up login dialog.
  • Mass setting of document completion status also sets completion status for email type documents.
  • Extension of email documents can be changed.
  • Blank values in look-up type custom property sets can be bypassed even if they are marked as a required field.
  • Document from template portal gadget fails if a non-inforouter authenticated user has been impersonated
  • Removing the Anonymous library flag for the 'Form templates' library causes an exception while creating a document from form templates if the user is not a member of 'form templates' library.