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Software release date

10 Aug 2009


  • 'Transfer Ownership' function now has an option to transfers tasks and workflow roles separately.
  • Faster search result retrieval and folder navigation.
  • getTasks() function has been added to the web services API.
  • Pop-up windows have been enhanced to resize based on user's screen resolution.
  • Edit and reassign task links have been added to the workflow view of document list page.
  • 'assignee', 'assigned by', 'supervisor', 'document id' and 'workflow name' filters have been added to the task screen.


  • 'Open web folder' link has been removed from the document list page. Note: IE8 does not support WebDAV.

Bug fixes

  • On rare occasions, a dead lock error may occur when downloading documents in busy environments.
  • On rare occasions, a dead lock error may occur when deleting a user in busy environments.
  • 'QRY or NDX file in use' error may occur when retrieving a big search result or while navigating a folder with thousands of documents.
  • 'Transfer Ownership' page does not transfer user security roles.
  • New or updated document type names with Non-ASCII characters returns a SQL error (MYSQL only)
  • Clicking on details link on the document view log screen returns a JavaScript error.
  • IO error on Portal screen if more than one screen is in design mode.