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Software release date

19 May 2009


  • Outlook add-in displays uploaded email count while uploading multiple emails
  • Outlook add-in displays uploaded emails in a columnar report style at end of the upload.
  • Outlook add-in displays attachment list with subjects when upload attachment button has been clicked
  • Outlook add-in displays additional information regarding attachments ("inline" or "attachment")
  • Outlook add-in displays more descriptive errors while buffering emails and allow users to stop and continue the process.

Bug fixes

  • Outlook add-in "New Folder" function does not return any errors if a folder already exists.
  • Outlook add-in allowed for enabled buttons causing the ability change data while upload in progress.
  • Outlook add-in Cancel button is disabled while uploading multiple emails
  • Outlook add-in allows for closing the active window during an upload.
  • Outlook add-in does not show the custom property set list properly if network connection issue occurs.
  • Outlook add-in displays the same error repeatedly if a folder cannot be found when folder prompt is manually entered
  • Outlook add-in displays the wrong error message if the an email attachment with the same name exists on the server.
  • Better error handing if the server connection is dropped while using office add-ins and Scan Station
  • If submission to workflow fails while using the word add-in, the word document remains editable.
  • On screen prompts are editable while uploading a document using scan station.
  • Scan Station sends the OCR text using carriage returns
  • Empty document name causes an exception in scan station