MS Index Server catalog creation fails during the infoRouter installation process.

The error is generally encountered when MS Index Server has not been installed on the server.


If you get this message during the setup process, simply click "OK" to continue. The setup will continue to process the rest of the installation.

However, you must setup and configure the MS Index server catalog prior to using infoRouter.

This error message is raised in cases where the MS Index Server has not been installed or configured correctly prior to the infoRouter installation.

MS Index Server is a pre-requisite so the first step in resolving this error is to make sure that MS Index Server is installed and enabled on your server

MS Index Server is generally pre-installed on Windows 2003 machines but does not automatically come pre-installed with Windows 2008 machines.

The setup of MS Index differs depending on your operating system. If you are installing infoRouter on a machine configured with an opertating system other than Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 please consult the appropriate documentation for your operating system.

Requirements for Windows 2008 Standard Edition

Requirements for Windows 2008 Web Edition

Once you have installed the MS Index Server, you must manually create the Index Server catalog. The document below will guide you through the Index Server catalog creation process.