InfoRouter Upgrade Guide - V7.5 to V8.0

Use this guide ONLY if you are upgrading from Version 7.5 to Version 8.0. If youare upgrading from Version 7.2, do not follow this guide. Use the following documentation instead: Upgrade-Guide-V72-To-V80.pdf

Upgrade Prerequisites

Install latest service packs and updates for Windows, .NET Framework and all third-party applications.

Important note for ORACLE Users

Please install the 10g Oracle Client software. If the Windows platform is 64bit, the IIS must also be configured to support X64 applications. Oracle client cannot run in 32 bit mode on a 64 bit Windows platform.

Step by step upgrade procedures:

Run Live Update program for version 7.5. You can verify your existing version by navigating to the “Server Status” link in the infoRouter Control Panel.

Your infoRouter subscription must be valid when you run the upgrade program.

Stop Internet Information Services by typing IISRESET /STOP at the command line to make sure that no users are connected to infoRouter.

Backup infoRouter Version 7.5

  • Backup your Warehouse
  • Backup your Database
  • Backup the entire infoRouter Application Path (example: “C:\infoRouter”)

Download the latest version of the setup program.

A download link to the latest install program will be provided to you via email.

Read the infoRouter Implementation Guide and familiarize yourself with the process before you attempt to install the new version.

Run the infoRouter Version 8.0 Setup/Upgrade Program (IRSETUP80.exe)

Choose the “Upgrade” option in the first step of the wizard

Follow the on screen instructions.

Make sure to read the “What’s New in infoRouter Version 8.0” document once again to make note of the differences in the new version.