infoRouter PDF Conversion Service Installation Guide

The PDF Conversion Web Service will allow infoRouter users to convert HTML documents created using two tools in infoRouter.

HTML output generated using Form Templates

HTML output generated using built-in HTML Editor

This document will walk you through installing the infoRouter PDF Conversion Service.

You must make sure that you are installing this software on a server class machine running Windows 2003 Server with Internet information Server installed. This server must also be pre-configured to allow ASP.NET 2.0 applications to run.


Run ‘PDFConversionWS_Setup.MSI”. This program can be found under “Program Setups” directory located in the infoRouter installation path.

Pdf conversion service
Pdf conversion service
Pdf conversion service
Pdf conversion service
Pdf conversion service

The PDF Web Service program has now been installed. You must now configure it to work with infoRouter.

Configuring the PDF Conversion Web Service:

  • Create a folder called "C:\temp". Make sure that the "Network Service" account has "Full Control" permissions to this path.

    If you choose not to create this temporary path on the root of the C: drive, create this path elsewhere.

    However, if you chose to create this path elsewhere, you must edit the "web.config" file located in the installation path of the PDF Conversion Web Service and make sure the path of the temporary is correctly indicated in the following section.

    		<add key="TempPath" value="c:\temp"/>
  • Go to the infoRouter Web Server and navigate to "<infoRouter installation path>\site" path.
  • Edit the "web.config" file with the notepad.
  • Edit the line referring to "CONVERSIONSERVICE_PDF" and change the value so that it points to the virtual directory you created in setup program. In this example it is called “PDFConversionWS”.
Syntax : 
<add key="CONVERSIONSERVICE_PDF" value="http://<servername>/<virtual directory name>/service.asmx" />
<add key="CONVERSIONSERVICE_PDF" value="http://pdfserver/irpdfservice/service.asmx" />

In the example above, the name of the server on which you installed the web service is called “pdfserver”

Similarly, the name you used for the virtual directory is “irpdfservice”

Navigate to any folder in infoRouter.

Choose the “HTML Document” option from the new menu.

Pdf conversion service

The following window will appear.

Pdf conversion service

Save this document into infoRouter by clicking on the “Save” button located on the editor toolbar.

The following window will appear.

Pdf conversion service
Pdf conversion service

The same infoRouter window after the installation and configuration of the PDF Conversion Web Service.

Pdf conversion service

If the PDF icons do not appear in the action column, it means that infoRouter cannot identify or access the PDF Conversion Web Service. Please make sure that you have followed all the instructions outlined in this document.

If the icons DO appear, try clicking on one of the PDF icons to render the selected document in PDF.

Clicking on the PDF button located I the Action column will automatically convert the HTML document into PDF.

Pdf conversion service