Remove the infoRouter Maintenance Service

1. Using command line tool, navigate to the “c:\infoRouter\irmaintenance” directory

2. Type the following command to remove the service

irmaintenance.exe –u

Note: if the irmaintenance service was installed under another name, please use the following command instead. rmaintenance.exe -u <servicename>

Remove the infoRouter Virtual Directory or Web Site.

1. Delete the InfoRouter Virtual Directory using the IIS Management console.

2. If installed as web site and not a virtual directory, delete the Web site or change the Home directory setting. Make sure that this web site is no longer pointing to the “c:\infoRouter\site” folder.

3. Using the command line tool, type IISRESET. This operation will release any locks that might still be in place

Remove the MS Index Server Catalog

Stop the Indexing Service and remove the WHINDEX catalog. To do this, perform the following:

1) Right click on “My Computer” on the desktop and choose “Manage”

2) Expand the “Services and Applications” node

3) Expand the “Indexing Service”

4) Click on the “Indexing Service” node and click on the “Stop” icon on the toolbar.

5) Once the service stops, right click on “WHINDEX” and choose “Delete”

Remove the infoRouter Database

Removing MYSQL Demo Pack instance

1. Stop MySQL service named “MYSQL_IR” using windows services console

2. Using the command line tool, navigate to the “c:\inforouter\mysql\bin” path

3. Type mysqld-nt.exe --remove MYSQL_IR

Removing an external MYSQL infoRouter database

Using MySQL administrative tools drop the infoRouter database which is called “infoRouter” in default settings.

Removing MS SQL Server InfoRouter database Using MS SQL Server Enterprise console, drop the database generally which is called “infoRouter” in default settings.

Removing ORACLE InfoRouter database

Using Oracle database configuration tool drop the infoRouter database and related oracle data services.

Remove InfoRouter Warehouses

Delete the folder where the infoRouter warehouses are located.

The default location of the warehouse is the application directory “c:\infoRouter\wh”.

If you are not sure where the warehouse folders are located, open the following document “c:\inforouter\config\ warehousepaths.xml” to find out where they have been placed.

Remove the Application Directory

Delete the c:\InfoRouter directory including sub directories and files.