Please review this document thoroughly before proceeding with the installation of infoRouter Version 8. This document describes the minimum and recommended server and client configurations and is meant to be a guideline for best performance. You may choose to allocate more than the recommended resources but allocating lesser resources may result in poor performance.


A dedicated server class machine with the following minimum requirements:

  • Intel Xeon or better
  • 16 GB RAM (32 GB or higher preferred in high traffic environments)
  • At least 500 MB Application disk space
  • Additional disk space for document warehouse and index space depending on the number of documents with appropriate growth factored in.

Virtual server environments are supported as long as the virtual environment is compatible with above requirements.

It is highly recommended that a dedicated server environment be provided for infoRouter. Conflicts may occur with applications that require different .NET Framework versions.


Windows 2012, 2016 or 2019 (with current service packs)

Version 8.6.x requires a 64-bit environment. 32-bit platforms are no longer supported.

Please read the following documents for additional requirements.

Windows 2012 Standard Edition- Required Features

Please remember that we do not recommend nor do we provide support for infoRouter installations made on platforms other than the ones explicitly specified here.

*** Support for Windows 2008 ended on January 2020.


One of the following DBMS platforms is required.

  • MS SQL Server Versions 2012 or higher.
  • MySQL Version 5.x or higher

DBMS should be set to case-insensitive mode. Case-sensitive databases are NOT supported.

MS SQL Server instances must support SQL Server Authentication or Mixed Authentication.

If the database platform is on the same Windows Server instance as the application, the memory requirements are higher. Please consider adding more memory to the server.

** Please make sure to keep up with the current service packs.


Microsoft Search Services is required for Windows 2012 installations

SMTP option must be enabled for email notifications.

A remote SMTP Server can also be used. See appropriate documentation on how to setup a remote SMTP server.

Internet Information Server (IIS) Version 7.x or 8.x

MS .Net Framework 4.5 with appropriate service packs

ASP.NET must be enabled.

Note: All software mentioned above come either pre-installed with the Windows Operating System or is available for download free-of-charge.

To check or install the required features, you can run the powershell scripts in this document.


For WebDAV to work correctly, infoRouter must be installed either at the root (Default Web Site) or as a WEB SITE and not as a virtual directory.

Please note that some WebDAV clients may require port 80, so please refrain from setting the infoRouter web site on any other port.

Due to recent changes released by Microsoft, you must install several patches to client machines. The patches that must be installed vary depending on the client OS and architecture

Note: No patches are required for MAC and Linux workstations.

For information on WebDAV Requirements, please read the WebDAV Requirements document.


An internet-ready PC, Mac, Laptop or Tablet is required.


  • Edge
  • Latest Firefox
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Safari
  • Internet Explorer 11 is supported for now but we are no longer testing on this browser platform.

The browser must be configured to accept cookies and must support javascript.

Please refrain from installing Beta Versions of browsers as they may produce unpredictable results and are not supported. Older browsers such as IE 11 is not supported nor recommended.

Only Windows based workstations are supported to run optional add-on modules including but not limited to infoRouter Scan Station, infoRouter Hot Folders, infoRouter Email Scanner, infoRouter Import/Export tool and infoRouter MS Office Add-in.

Client workstations running additional (optional) modules mentioned above must be configured to support the .Net 2.0 (or higher) Framework.

Mac or Linux workstations are fully supported for HTTP access.


Please make sure that all client machines on your network have the appropriate service packs and updates.


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