How To Add A Custom MIME Type

Navigate to the infoRouter installation path on the server. This path defaults to c:\inforouter at installation.

Navigate to the “config” directory

Edit the file called “mimetypes.custom.xml” with notepad.

To add your own custom MIME Type, insert an entry like the following:

<item ext="<extension>" desc="<extension description> " mime="<mime type> " />

Sample :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<item ext="log" desc="application log file" mime="application/text" />

To add an icon for this MIME Type, navigate to the site\icons directory.

Add an icon for this extension.

The icon file should be 16X16 gif file.

The naming convention should follow a rule where the file name should be the name of the extension

(<extention>.gif). Example: log.gif

Do one of two things for the new MIME Type to take effect:

Perform an IISRESET to restart IIS


Login to infoRouter as the sysadmin

Type the following into the address bar of your browser:


Example: http://docsrv/inforouter/flushcache.aspx

This will force infoRouter to read in all start-up parameters and the new MIME Type will become active.