infoRouter can capture, store, manage, secure and distribute content in a consistent manner regardless of content type and format.

You can easily Capture, Create, Classify, Share & Protect, Retain, Archive and Destroy critical business documents and records.

Content types include but are not limited to the following:

  • Office Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Text, XML and HTML documents
  • Scanned images (TIFF)
  • PDF Documents
  • Forms
  • Digitized photographs
  • Multimedia digital assets (Music, Video etc)
  • Medical images
  • Documents and records from other applications

Capture Modules

  • infoRouter Scan Station
  • infoRouter Hot Folders
  • infoRouter Email Scanner
  • infoRouter Import/Export Tool
  • infoRouter WebDAV
  • infoRouter Office Add-in
  • Zip Uploads
  • infoRouter Form Templates
  • infoRouter Text Editor
  • Single uploads
  • Custom tools developed using the Web Services API

infoRouter Scan Station

infoRouter Scan Station is an external module that allows operators to submit scanned documents to infoRouter.

Operators can supply relevant data such as descriptions, meta data (custom properties), document types and even specify workflows.

If your scanner provides OCR support, OCR data can be manually specified by the operator. This way even PDF scanned documents will be searchable from within infoRouter.

To read more about infoRouter Scan Station click on the following links:

infoRouter Scan Station Installation

infoRouter Scan Station Users Guide

infoRouter Hot Folders

infoRouter Hot Folders tool is an external module that runs as a Windows service. This service scans predetermined file system folders for new documents.

All new documents placed into these “watched folders” are automatically sent to infoRouter folders.

Scanners, fax servers or other automated document generation tools can place documents into these “watched folders”. Hot folders tool can watch multiple file system folders at once and can populate multiple infoRouter folders.

This tool supports a variety of formats produced by well known scanners and scanning software such as Kofax and KyoCapture and HP DSS (OCR data can be pulled in automatically)

To read more about infoRouter how to setup and configure Hot Folders click on the following link:

infoRouter HotFolders Setup

infoRouter Email Scanner

infoRouter Email Scanner works much like the hot folders tool except, it scans configured e-mail accounts for incoming emails.

infoRouter Email Scanner is an external module that runs as a Windows service. This service scans predetermined e-mail accounts and sends all incoming emails to infoRouter folders.

To read more about how to setup and configure infoRouter Email Scanner click on the following link:

infoRouter Email Scanner Setup

infoRouter Import/Export Tools

There are two Import/Export tools. One is built directly into the infoRouter web interface. This tool can even be accessed remotely by the infoRouter system administrator to import and export documents in and out of infoRouter. This tool can access server’s local and mapped drives.

The second tool is an external module that can be installed on any Windows machine and can be used to import and export mass amount of documents. This tool can be installed on file servers to push existing documents into infoRouter.

Similarly, the export function allows users to export documents out of infoRouter in mass amounts.

To read more about how to setup the infoRouter Import/Export Tool click on the following links:

infoRouter Import Export Tool Installation Guide

infoRouter Import Export Tool Users Guide

infoRouter WebDAV Server

infoRouter is also a fully functional WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) server that can respond to and serve WebDAV requests.

It is an Internet specification that extends the HTTP protocol. infoRouter Document Management Software includes a fully integrated WebDAV Server that allow users to bypass the infoRouter interface and collaboratively edit and manage files and documents on remote servers.

Users are able to upload new documents, view documents, drag-and-drop new documents and export documents simply by using the standard Windows File Explorer.

Users can directly open infoRouter documents from within the Windows File Explorer. With WebDAV compatible applications such as Microsoft's Word, you can simply double-click on MS Word documents, make changes and hit the save button to directly save documents into infoRouter.

The infoRouter WebDAV Server is fully compliant with RFC 2518 as defined by

infoRouter Office Add-inn

infoRouter seamlessly integrates with MS Office. Using the toolbar buttons in MS Office, users may create documents and save them directly into infoRouter. Users may also search for and open documents from infoRouter, edit them and save them back into infoRouter as new versions.

Supported Office Products:

  • MS Word
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint

To learn more about these tools please click on the following links:

infoRouter Addin for MS Word

infoRouter Addin for MS Outlook

infoRouter Zip Uploads

infoRouter Zip Uploads is a quick and easy tool to upload a zip file into infoRouter.

The uploaded zip file is automatically expanded on the server allowing you to upload a mass amount of documents through the web interface.

All folder structures including documents are automatically created in infoRouter.

To try this exciting feature simply click on the “New” menu in the infoRouter Document Library section and choose “Zip Upload”

infoRouter Form Templates

infoRouter Form templates allows users to fill easy templates to create rich documents.Paper based forms are quickly being replaced by online forms which users can either download or simply fill-out over the web.

Forms management is an integral part of the infoRouter core content and document management software. It provides an environment in which document formatting is done once and the rest of the energy is spent on creating and managing actual content.

Generating content and documents that comply with corporate standards is more difficult and costly than one would think. Reflecting a consistent corporate image is critical to a business. Standard colors, logos, disclaimers are not only esthetically important but also critical to the success of your business. The omission of a critical "Disclaimers" or "Proper Use" sections from a document may cause embarrassing situations, not to mention legal issues that may be very costly.

For more information about this tool click on the link below:

form Template Admins Guide V80

infoRouter Text/HTML Editor

infoRouter Text/HTML Editor is a fully functional text editor that produces HTML output.

Users without popular tools such as MS Word can easily use this tool to generate documents directly from within infoRouter.

Documents created using this tool are treated just like documents that are uploaded or imported.

infoRouter Single Uploads

infoRouter allows users to upload single documents from their workstations.

An easy wizard guides them through the process where users can specify all kinds of Meta data to identify this document.

Custom Tools developed using the Web Services API

infoRouter Document Management System includes a full Web Services API, which allows programmers to develop custom solutions based on the infoRouter Document Management Software.

Using the Web Services API, you will be able create new applications and integrate your existing applications into infoRouter. You will be able to perform functions such as retrieve documents, search for documents, and upload new documents with great ease. You will also be able to build advanced applications and connect in-house or third-party applications to infoRouter.