Software release date

12 Nov 2007


  • Recycle Bin screen now indicates the original document and/or folder location.
  • New link displays comments in the detail view mode.

Bug fixes

  • Folder rules cause problems during folder copy process.
  • Deleted documents created from templates prevent templates from being deleted.
  • Ownership of a folder not properly assigned to users who have perfromed the copy process.
  • Welcome email includes password information even when the user is authenticated from another source.
  • Unnavigatable folder warning appears while associating documents. Better folder navigation provided for the following functions have been provided:
    • Search screen Look-in field
    • Associating documents
    • Selecting restore locations in Recycle bin
    • Selecting document template in content template gadget
    • Selecting target folder in content template gadget
    • Creating new shortcut
  • New libraries cannot be created if all libraries have been previously deleted.
  • The "Associated documents" link only appears on source documents.
  • Custom property numeric values with floating point format not displaying correctly (SQL Server only)