Software release date

07 Aug 2007


  • irMaintenance service now houses its settings in a configuration file called irMaintenance.config
  • The installer warns about not being logged in as "Administrator"
  • MS SQL 2005 cn now be installed as Case Sensitive

Bug fixes

  • Send to InfoRouter Error when "Send To InfoRouter" button is clicked in Outlook
  • if ASP.NET is not installed at the time of install, the installer won't move past the install paths page.
  • The installing of InfoRouter continues while ASP.NET is being installed (by InfoRouter)
  • Property set field icon not displayed properly
  • Property set field icon not displayed properly
  • Office Add in - Multiple Property Sets error.
  • Copying files via WEBDAV does not work.
  • Search gadget does not work
  • After deleting a library, the folders tree does not refresh.
  • "Document Template has been deleted" message appears but the template name is not displayed
  • While checking in form template focus is set to "version Comments" instead of the description field.
  • Document creation and modification timestamps are not applied correctly when uploading a document.
  • Date time chooser is not aligned on search page
  • Searching Ignored words