Software release date

23 Apr 2008


  • InfoRouter Hot Folders service now includes an option to convert tiff documents to pdf.


  • Tiff to PDF option has been removed from the infoRouter control panel. It has been replaced with a PDF view option in the main documents window.

Bug fixes

  • The tasks window dislays tasks related to documents that have been deleted and placed into the recycle bin. This causes orphan tasks.
  • Displaying a category returns an error if the category refers to a deleted custom property set.
  • Adding or deleting a folder subscribers does not offer the include subsfolders option.
  • Opening Web Folders using internet explorer prompts for user credentials.
  • InfoRouter LDAP Service Manager failes to retrieve user groups if user group count is moe than 1000
  • InfoRouter LDAP Service Manager may fail if a group name contains unicode characters
  • InfoRouter Office add-in and scan station does not send correct time zone information to the server.
  • Only one copy of InfoRouter scan station can be launched at a time. Causes issues in Terminal Service environments.