Software release date

22 Oct 2007


  • Application Settings does not display "web.config" parameters.
  • Conversion from Tiff to PDF enhanced. (resolution problems, etc)


  • Security behavior is changed.

Bug fixes

  • In cases where inforouter cannot access the inforouter support site, an error message displays.
  • Authentication dialog pops open when using "Open Web Folder".
  • Installing on Vista Business fails at IIS check
  • Delete Comments Library Policy not working
  • Application does not save "Own comment delete policy" value
  • Folder Description Search Error
  • Various Oracle Database fixes.
  • PDF cover pages display version numbers without dot separators.
  • Add Shortcut and Add URL screens displays inconsistent "notify user" option
  • Posting Username, password, Redirection parameters do not work like Version 7
  • From Address not appearing on imported emails from outlook
  • Outlook add-in raises an error while importing non POP3 email like hotmail
  • Multiple office addin icons appearing in the MS word right click menu
  • Searching for folders without wildcard using the office add-ins, the scan station and email scanner work like start with options.
  • Various minor style fixes on application pages
  • Sending a document to a workflow while checking-in displays an error
  • Writing a document task to the current day displays a warning
  • Text fields length are wrong in the new user screen.
  • Check security function returns an error on SQL database
  • Refreshing document pane sometimes opens a browser new window
  • File names that have Unicode characters does display correctly on "save as" dialog of the browser.
  • On search results page, abstracts cannot be extracted inconsistently.
  • Minor Front-end changes to support the French lanuguage resources.