infoRouter reads the licensed customer information from a file called "license.lic" which is located in "[infoRouter application path]\config" directory.

This exception might occur when the "Network Services" account or "Impersonated User account" do not have the read permission to the config path or specifically to this file.

This exception might occur when this file is corrupted..

When you licensed more user or extended the subscription period infoRouter customer support sends a new "license.lic" to your administrators by email.

It is a part of licensing procedure the administrator must copy this file to this path.

But generally administrators, first save this file to their desktops and move from this file to the "[infoRouter application path]\config" directory.

The move operation keeps the restricted desktop security on this file and this error happens.


Generally this happens right after a server migration. Please make sure you copied all the files while migrating infoRouter application.

Make sure "Network Services" account or "Impersonated User account" has "full control" permission on the config path and all files underneath.

If you think you accidenlty deleted the file please contact the infoRouter customer support to get your license file.