infoRouter needs to create temporary files during uploads, downloads and searching. Temporary drive check fails at application start up.

infoRouter uses two different temp folders.

- One is defined in the application settings. By default it is C:\TEMP.

This folder is used for large temporary files such as zipping folders and documents and paging through large search results.

- The location of the secondary temp folder changes based on your OS.

On IIS 5 and IIS 5.1, the ASPNET account temp folder is profile based and is usually stored under "c:\documents and settings" folders.

On IIS 6 (Windows 2003) the Network Service account temporary folder is located under the WINDOWS\tmp folder. This temporary folder is used for uploads.

Resolution for MySQL Users:


MySQL 5.0 uses the backslash character to escape special characters.

This causes unwanted results in infoRouter.

If you are getting this message and the directory path that is being reported has no backslash characters, perform the following:




# Set the SQL mode to strict




Save the my.ini file.

Restart the MySQL Service

How to stop and start MySQL from the command line:

Important Note

If you get this error, you must install infoRouter again.

Simply drop the infoRouter database and repeat the install, this time only specify that you wish to use MySQL as your database.

Do NOT download and setup MySQL again. The second installation will setup the database correctly.


Make sure the path specified in the error exists and the ASPNET or the NETWORK SERVICE account has Full Control permissions to this path.

On Windows 2003 please make sure that the NETWORK SERVICE has Full Control to the C:\Windows\Type directory.