Setting up infoRouter to be Internet facing is a simple task and there are many ways this can be accomplished.

Use a real IP address

If you assign a real IP address to the infoRouter server, by default infoRouter will be visible to the outside world. Outside users will simply be able to type in an IP address and reach the default portal of infoRouter.

This is strictly a matter of changing your server’s IP address from an internal IP address such as or to some address such as The down side of using this method is that your user will have to remember the infoRouter IP address, which is not reasonable to expect.

Use a real Domain name

The next best option is perhaps to purchase a real domain name from a domain registration service.You may purchase a name such as or and assign the server that domain name. This way, your users can simply type and directly access the infoRouter default portal page. Since the name will be easy to remember, this is a viable method to expose infoRouter to the outside world. Please note that the infoRouter server will require a real IP number in this case as well.

Create a sub-domain

Arguably, this is the best method of exposing infoRouter to the outside world.This is simply a series of simple adjustments you have to make on your network (DNS Server) configuration.

Let’s say that your company domain name is Using this network configuration method, you can allow outside users to access infoRouter by simply typing

This method is a routing (DNS) trick that can easily be configured by your network administrator.This method does not require the infoRouter server itself to have a real IP.

In this scenario, all traffic (inbound and outbound) hits the original server (www. acme .com), the request is then passed (routed) to the infoRouter server.