infoRouter LDAP Synchronization Manager runs as a service on any computer on your network. The service automatically checks for changes in LDAP and communicates the changes to infoRouter.

New users are added to infoRouter, disabled or deleted users in LDAP are disabled in infoRouter.

***** STOP *****

Before you install and configure this service, you MUST make sure that you have the LDAP Authentication Service setup and configured. If you already have users in infoRouter and wish to have their authentication managed by LDAP, you must make sure that their current user id’s (infoRouter user id) match with their corresponding user id’s in LDAP.

infoRouter users are by default authenticated from a source called "INFOROUTER". If you wish for these users to be authenticated from LDAP, their authentication source must be changed to reflect your LDAP Authentication source. Download the setup program from link below.

LDAP Synchronization Manager

LDAP Synchronization Manager

Launch the msi and follow the on screen instructions