infoRouter uses warehouse paths to store document contents and other meta files.

This error occurs in cases where infoRouter was unable to access the specified path or access a document when it attemped to delete it.

This may happen either because the file was not in the expected location or infoRouter did not have the appropriate access to the folder or document. Please check to see if permissions to the warehouse was altered.


Make sure that the path specified in the error message exists and is accessible by the ASPNET, the Network Service account or the impersonated user account depending on your OS.

Distributed Models

If your warehouse paths reside on another machine. Use UNC Paths instead of mapped drives. Mapped drives are profile based.

UNC paths must be accessed using a domain account and this domain account must be indicated in the WEB.CONFIG file.


        <identity impersonate="true" userName="domainname\username" password="pass"/>

You must also make sure that the impersonated account has Full Control to the UNC paths. Do not allow "Everyone" access to these paths.